Client Reference Retail "A Ready-made solution"

Application for Salesfloor Management


PDA Honeywell CT40 and Zebra QLn220 Plus Bluetooth




2,300 vendors


687 stores in France,
Poland, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Luxembourg.


Must-have brand of ready-made clothes for women on an international scale with a network of 1,000 stores in 18 countries. Camaïeu has its own network of stores, which are truly designed as spaces dedicated to femininity.

Some figures:

69 million products sold
810 M€ net sales in 2010


Rayonnance to outfit 2,300 PDAs for daily store management. Development of a PDA mobile application dedicated to salesfloor management and connected to a Camaïeu’s IS managed at a central processing station.

Put the core of the « sales » business at the center of the store’s activity and minimize the time employees spend on non sales-related operations.


Resulting gains

-Time saved on non sales-related operations
-Faster labelling
-Flexibility and reactivity on sales operation implementations
-Simplified sales process and increased volume of sales.


Features of the PDA application for daily store Management:
1. Receiving
– managing the receipt of packages from the central stock
– detailed scan capability, overview of receipt
– input of incidents (open or damaged packages)
– update of store inventory
2. Transfer, return and unsellable to constitute packages and manage them from the salesfloor
– inter-store transfer management at the initiative of the salesfloor
– stock return
– unsellables validated by the regional managers
3. Inventory of initiatives
timely inventory of all or part of the store with stock inventory updated centrally.
4. Sales operations and labelling
-autonomous management of in-store tagging.
-synchronization of a file containing 40,000 items on 3,000 PDAs in less than one hour
– tags printed out automatically from PDAs
– log history of tags for « sale » items
– marketing application for generating tages in function of targeted operations (1st, 2nd markdown) and of countries (languagee, currency)
5. Research: consultation of referential items
– consultation of complete item info sheets on PDAs
– consultation of sales operations
– visualization and printing of tags

Features of the Front Office ‘Clienteling’ app on PDA which aims at taking care of the customer in-store:
1. Client ID
2. Access to products catalog
3. Consultation of Stock level (current store, web warehouse, nearby stores)
4. Shopping basket creation
5. Commercial promotion engine
6. Mobile payment on iSMP4

– Development of custom-designed application for PDA in .Net with Rayonnance components
-Implementation of the middleware Harmonie by Rayonnance Technologies at central processing station
-Set up of the connection to Camaïeu’s IS.