Client Reference Shipping "A mobile transport solution that is responsible and standardized"

Application for tracking milk pick-up and delivery rounds


PDA Honeywell CT40




250 drivers


France 5 pick-up sites



French food-product corporation, major international player in the production and marketing of fresh dairy products, bottled water, baby food and clinical nutrition.

Some figures:

Net sales of the Group: 17 billion euros
19,473 km on average per day
2,802,751 liters picked up on average per day


Replacing a mobile application running on PDAs of an older generation, by taking advantage of the latest technology and providing enhanced features.
-Develop a mobile PDA application tracking pick-up and delivery rounds (milk and product orders).
-Develop a Back Office Web for managing tracking of rounds in real time: intranet access for Danone operating sites, and extranet for external providers.

– Optimize rounds in real time.
– Locate deliveries at any time, within pre-defined deadlines, and according to traceability criteria.

Resulting gains

– Rigorous monitoring of rounds
– Increased productivity: quick decision-making on the organization of the rounds (closed routes, poor milk quality).
– Time saving with the help of navigational tools.
– Reliability of transport (checklist of compliance of the carrier before the start of each round).
– Enhancement of employees’ self-worth


Application for tracking pick-up and delivery rounds
1. Management of team capacity and tank transfers with respect to European regulations, anticipate incidents and adapt rounds in real time.
2. Management by the collection driver (transfer to the driver of his entire round, at the end of every round, automatic transfer of information to the Back Office).
3. Order management in the field and traceability from start to finish (from preparation up until delivery).
4. Audit of installed equipment and milk cooling tanks, with picture proof in case of incident.

Setting up the back office Web for real-time management and tracking of rounds
– Consult real-time status of deliveries.
– Search history at any time.
– Activity Statistics

Roll out and outsourcing conducted by Rayonnance Distribution
– Preparation and installation of all PDAs.
– IT outsourcing of PDA fleet.

PDA: Microsoft .Net (C#)
Connection to client’s IS: multi-IS interfaces AS400+tool for optimization of rounds.
Implementation of the HARMONIE platform by Rayonnance Technologies: Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server.
– Management of GPRS synchronization.