France Boissons, Heineken


Client Reference Delivery PDA 2 "Billing, payment, printing..."

Platform for real-time tracking of shipping



PDA durci Zebra TC56 and ZEBRA ZQ520 printer


Ethernet, WiFi


1 000 drivers





France Boissons (Heineken Group), French leader of beverage distribution and out-of-home services. France Boissons has built a unique network that allows for a close proximity to all 60,000 of its clients. Distributing beverages, of course, but not only!
France Boissons is also a service company that is here to « serve, entertain and succeed » with its clients.

Some figures:

Net sales in 2008: 926 million €
43 main subsidiaries
60,000 clients
3,000 employees, 70% of which are in direct and permanent contact with our clients


Rayonnance to outfit 1,200 PDA for drivers with a mobile application for delivery and payment tracking connected to SAP, and with an application for PDA for inventory.
Approximately 1,200 Rounds, 12,000 Deliveries, 100,000 Items

– Billing: invoices issued, by the delivery driver at the time of delivery, to clients.
– Payment and printing: updates of returns and payments of the day,
with mention of anything possibly missing
– Inventory: the same tool is used by inspectors, upon return to the warehouse, to inspect the trucks’ inventory
The process helps automate administrative processing upon return from the round
– Updating invoices in SAP, creation of credit notes
– Updating client accounts and reconciliation of payments
– Updated inventory


Development of a mobile application for PDA:

1. Retrieval of deliveries to be made that day with details (products to deliver, invoices…)
2. Input of un-delivered merchandise with proper justification
3. Input of returns and automated calculation of amounts
4. Calculation of net amounts to pay
5. Entering client payments and invoices otherwise to be reconciled in accounting
6. Visualization of invoices in process, not yet paid
7. Printing of delivery preparation order, receipts and invoices at the client’s residence on a portable thermal paper printer via Bluetooth
8. Input of truck inventory upon return by the warehouse manager and calculation of differences between the PDA and the theoretical inventory (deliverer input)
9. Update of orders in SAP: deliveries and credit notes
Automatic accounting of payments and returns
10. Adjustment of entries into stock (returned merchandise and packaging)

In 2017, the Windows Mobile application was ported on Android PDAs Zebra TC56

PDA: Microsoft .Net (C#)
Connection to SAP
Implementation of middleware platform HARMONIE by Rayonnance Technologies
(Windows Server 2003, IIS, Oracle):
– management of the differential synchronization of data between the mobile application and SAP
(Totem application by France Boissons)
– fleet management (Harmonie management)
– implementation of a new version

We did it…
a sort of proud moment shared by all those involved, individuals and team members alike!
Project goals supported by Group business ambition
Get on board and directly involve local logistical and sales teams in a dynamic which values our daily services!
Catherine Bordes, Project Manager AMBASSADOR France Boissons

Resulting gains

- Quality and reliability of documents provided to client upon delivery
- Optimization of internal processes: administrative gains
- Quality of controls
- Strengthening the professionalism of delivery teams and sharing with new employees
- Creation of an internal dynamic within the distribution teams, and with other stakeholders within the company, to improve consideration of client expectations, and development of services expected from France Boissons

Other Project: Execo
Implementation of an application on 1,200 PDA for the automatation of inventories over 80 logistical sites