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Application for real-time monitoring of interventions


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7 agencies (France), Belgium


Gunnebo is a world leader in the supply of equipment and security systems for businesses, banks, tertiary and industrial sectors.
Gunnebo, a major player in France (formerly Fichet Bauche) has a unique and unparalleled expertise in providing secure storage solutions, site protection, access control and cash management.

Some figures:

– 6,000 employees
– 25 countries
– Net sales in 2009 : 640 million Euros, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Internet source)
150,000 interventions per year in France


Rayonnance to outfit 300 maintenance technicians specializing in equipment security over 7 agencies with a mobile application for PDA for monitoring maintenace serving connected to the SAP.
Application which allows for the input of required elements for the closing of maintenance orders on site and time management of technicians.

Freedom from the usual paper flow of work orders.
Streamlining of invoicing processes

Potential for significant gain with future developments in sight, and the development of an online planning application

Application-wise, Gunnebo cannot opt for a market solution. We have chosen a specific developement to account for multiple processes that range from management of maintenance servicing and inventory flow, to the inclusion of work hours.

Alain Abgrall, Managing Director


Development of a PDA mobile application:
– Service Monitoring
– Retrieval of scheduled service visit log (reasons for the servicing, description)
– Input of service report
– Management of replacement parts via barcode scan (with a link to vehicule inventory)
– Time management (time spent, work & commute)
– Client Validation and digital signature
– Readings of the devices: Reading of the equipment of a category specified by the client
– Prevention: Input of preventitve ranges.
– Management of weekly timesheets
– Consultation of vehicule stock and generation of vehicule inventory list
– Management Start/End of day and Start/End of on-call duty

Development of a Back Office Web application
– Visualization of a technician’s status on mission
– Consultation of truck inventory
– Consultation of service reports in PDF format
(which can be send by email or by fax to the client)
– Consultation of device readings

– Development of custom-designed application for PDA in .Net with Rayonnance components
– Implementation of the Harmonie Forms solution by Rayonnance
– Implementation of the middleware Harmonie
– Implementation of the SAP connection to the internal IS
– Installation of software components

Resulting gains

- Time saved in billing waiting periods, from 2 weeks down to 2 days
- Increase in technical productivity: the volume of service missions has increased by 5%
- Reduction of telecommunications estimated at nearly 40 hours a day between technicians and GUNNEBO platform operators.
- Client satisfaction
- Emphasis on the heart of the business, resurgence of motivation for the teams.