Client Reference Retail "Auto workshops... mobile at Norauto"

Application for automotive servicing monitoring and store inventory



Symbol Motorola MC55 PDA






10 countries, 450 stores


Leader in European car repair, Norauto has become the Mobivia Group and supported motorists around the world for over 40 years by providing them with better comfort, safety and quality of service. Rayonnance’s customer since 2009

Some figures:

450 stores
throughout 10 countries
7,200 employees
Net sales in 2008: 867 M€


Rayonnance to outfit 3,500 PDAs for maintenance technicians at over 450 locations. Development of a mobile application for PDA for servicing monitoring connected to in-store software, (Ouragan), and to a central SAP, and a PDA application for inventory.

Allow foremen to perform real-time and on-site IT operations related to vehicle repair and inventory of the repair workshop.

Resulting gains

– Elimination of in-store computer input
– Additional sales
– Faster processing of quotes, billing
– Time saver for technicians
– Innovative client services for more quality and client satisfaction

A large-scale project successfully meeting every objective set by the client with respect to scheduled deadlines.


1. Features of the PDA application Service Monitoring (eBT):
– Scheduling of work orders
– Managing work orders
– Inspection prior to repair to foresee services to be quoted
– Transactions
– Add comments according to phrases from a dictionary
– Adding parts, packages
– Management of interims in function of the vehicle
– Validation of completed work order including times

2. Features of the PDA application for Inventory (eCount):
– Inventory management
– Receipt Management
– Management of out of stock list
– Management of item list

In 2016, the Windows Mobile application was ported on Android PDAs

– Development of custom-designed application for PDA in .Net with Rayonnance components
– Implementation of the of Harmonie Forms solution by Rayonnance, XML form generator that enable publish the form on the PDA for the make and model of vehicle using the forms from the SAP
– Implementation of a Harmonie middleware at each location, controlled by a centralized Harmonie
– Implementation of the connection of SAP and the store software Ouragan, to the internal IS.
– Installation of software components (diagnostics, kiosk, Harmonie relay)