Client ReferenceShipping "A mobile solution for traceability imposed by the European Union"

Application for Tracking Delivery of medication


Zebra Motorola MC67 4G


EDGE, WiFi and Ethernet


1,400 delivery drivers


47 sites in France & Belgium


Leader in France in the area of pharmaceutical distribution, OCP has always been committed to hearing the concerns of its partners to the full extent.
Continuously optimizing its services and processes, OCP has developed a wide offering to solves the challenges of each stakeholder on the health chain: pharmacists, hospitals and laboratories.

Some figures:

Net sales in 2008 : 7.09 billion Euros
200,000 km of deliveries per day
17,000 clients delivered to, in France
3 million products delivered per day


– Develop a mobile application for delivery tracking, enabling traceability or orders and medication deliveries
– Develop a comprehensive Back Office Web for a complete tracking of delivery activity
– Roll out and outsource 1,200 PDAs to track deliveries and 1,000 PDAs for warehouses

– Track all deliveries from the loading dock to the final client in all OCP facilities
– Locate at any time, and within the set period, the status of deliveries, a function of the tracking criteria

Resulting gains

– Time saving for all players concerned (OCP, clients and patients)
– Total tracking of all deliveries
– Reduced order-processing time


Application for delivery tracking
1. Scanning the packages when loading trucks, and verification, in the Information System, that packages are indeed matched to the right driver and correct round, in real time
2. Transfer of his entire round and delivery slips to the driver on his PDA via Wifi on the PDA with synchronization via Wifi or GPRS
3. Management of deliveries by the driver on the PDA, (BL on PDA): Scan of a barcode, affixed in each pharmacy. Scan of packages associated with pharmacy and consistency check
4. At the end of each delivery, automatic transfer of information to the Back Office

Implementation of a Web back office for tracking rounds
– Real-time progress updates of delivery status
– Search, at any time, the history of a package
– Multiple Statistics

Rollout and outsourcing performed by Rayonnance Distribution
– Preparation and installation of all PDAs
– Training for super users at each site
– Outsourcing of the PDA fleet and management of spare
– Hotline guaranteed for each site
– Outsourcing of the server

– PDA: .Net
– Connection to client’s IS: proprietary IS
– Implementation of the HARMONIE platform: Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server
Hardware configuration: Motorola Symbol MC70 GPRS