Client Reference Transport "Payment is mobilizing !"

Delivery tracking application with Debit card payment capability



GPRS Ingenico IPA 280 PDA









SLS-GCI Group, the leading French specialist in delivery under protocol and services, offers a comprehensive and integrated B2B and B2C solution.
SLS GCI provides distribution and delivery of packages or goods on behalf of its clients, principals or third party delivery (many e-merchants) bound for their final clients (companies or individuals).

Some figures:

Net sales in 2011: 85 million Euros
1,500,000 product deliveries in 2011
400 rounds per day


– Develop a mobile application for tracking delivery rounds in real time with barcode scan, GPS (geolocation), telephone (call to the client or agency prior to delivery), taking pictures, and payment by debit card capability.
– Set-up of a back office dedicated to satisfaction survey management

– To track all deliveries from the loading dock to the final client, as well as pick-ups and returns.
– To be able to sell additional services at time of delivery.
– On-site Payment and mobile invoicing management.

Resulting gains

– Expedited invoicing.
– Development of sales.
– Reactivity (early warning of exceeding the defined deadlines, client absence at time of delivery).
– Decrease of lawsuits (taking picture proof, GPS position, print-out of delivery attempt notices, call logging).
– Client satisfaction.


Application for tracking rounds
1. Track all deliveries, via CAB scan, from the loading dock to the final client, as well as pick-ups and returns.
2. Implement an additional sales module upon delivery on the PDA (additional services and accessories).
3. Manage multiple payment types (check, cash, debit card, …) and the driver’s transaction log.
Integration of a centralized solution using debit card (Axis by Ingenico solution) enabling:
• to collect payment from the final clients in case of balance to be paid, or additional sales at time of delivery (services or accessories)
• credit the client in case of damages during the delivery
• scalable solution to integrate private card, in a second phase
Implementation of the web back office for managing satisfaction surveys.
Configurable, management module for satisfaction surveys and for each of its clients having placed orders.
Rollout and outsourcing performed by Rayonnance Distribution
– Preparation and installation of all PDAs
– Outsourcing of the PDA fleet and management of spare by site and of another super spare at Rayonnance.

– PDA: Microsoft .Net
– Connection to client’s IS: TMS Hardis
– Implementation of middleware platform HARMONIE by Rayonnance Technologies:: Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server
– GPRS synchronization
– Fleet management (Harmonie management)