TDF (French Broadcasting Company)


Client Reference Tech Maintenance

Smartphone Application for real-time monitoring of interventions


Samsung Android


(4G, 3G, Wifi)


500 IT technicians


– 10,400 sites
(2,500 rooftops-terraces)
– 12,900 points of presence
Telecoms under maintenance



The TDF group is a French company in the digital sector that provides radio and television transmission services, services for telecoms operators, and other multimedia services: digitization of content, encoding, data storage for clients. It has developed Networkx THD (« Très Haut Débit » or Very High Speed/Broadband)… At the heart of its activities, TDF technicians intervene on different sites of the audiovisual and telecom networks of the company.

Some figures:

– 3,000 employees
– Net sales in 2013: 1.16 billion Euros
– 42,000 IT support visits per year
– 400,000 mission orders per year in France


Rayonnance to outfit 500 IT technicians with a Mobile application smartphone connected to the Maximo IS.

Optimize real-time Management of IT support interventions made by agents in the field.

Provide a user-friendly, flexible, and durable solution, which offers autonomy and sensitivity to the Network in order to optimize the exchange of information critical to managing the quality of services offered to the clients.


1. Viewing the list of IT support interventions to be carried out and related information:
– Consultation of IT support visit log
– Details of the IT support visit or ‘Completed Work Order’: reference, site, client, goal, time slot, technical information, security information, operations to be carried out, comments,…
– Provisional equipment required for the IT support visit
– Operations log and list of operations to perform

2. Input of IT intervention report configured in function of the type of IT support visit (8 different types in total)
– Time-date stamping of IT intervention visit
– Input of pre-diagnosis and estimated time at which service will resume
– Creation of a range of controls on the equipment (if applicable)
– Declaration of additional parts, withdrawn or replaced, and on-site waste recovered
– Picture proof
– Declaration of service back on-line
– Conclusion of the operation and validation of the tech maintenance transcript

3. Management logistics of parts used during tech maintenance interventions:
– Recovery, request for parts and exchanges between technicians
– Creation, receipt and delivery of packages

4. Input and modification of active duty times of technicians:
– Pre-filled out tech maintenance reports with commute time and duration of the visit already input
– Addition of extra time: delegation, training, time outside of work hours …
– Viewing of the technician’s summary log of actual time spent working on a weekly basis

5. Detail-oriented management of information relating to the tech maintenance sites: coordinates, contact information, routes, constraints and how to get there, GPS position, safety information

The technicians are pleased with the user-friendliness and fluidity of this device, which has contributed to the enhancement of the function. Some even felt that it favored a significant saving of time, to the tune of several hours a week.
We waste less time calling the technicians for an update, they are more concentrated on the core of their mission and we have a perfect back seat to the exchanges being made between the devices and the mobility server.
Laurence Millet, Director of Operations, Coordinator and IS Interface at TDF

Technologies and project specifics:

– Setting up the connection to the Information System (CMMS) of TDF: Maximo
– Langage .NET on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 created with the help of Webservice
– Solution hosted by TDF, but Rayonnance provides outsourced Management services.
– ‘Recovery reset’ function: Automatic backup in case of interruption of the application

Resulting gains

– Time saved when technician inputs the tech maintenance visit report (serveral minutes saved per report)
– Increase in productivity by allowing technicians to be dispatched more quickly to tech maintenance locations
– Reuse of time declared servicing to fill out technicians’ timesheets (no double entry)
– Optimization of information exchanges in real time (rate of 35% to 85%)
– Enhanced role of technicians through a user-friendly, innovative and modern tool