Our Business Solutions


The Rayonnance group intervenes mainly in the following sectors




Shipping & Handling

Transit and Delivery tracking in real time. Information report, handling of delivery order to personnel, and delivery confirmation

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Mobile payment capability

Optimize your sales forces and your deliveries with mobile POS solutions on PDA: improve how your clients are received, increase revenue and opportunities for additional sales, expedite the billing process. These are all benefits offered by our "mobile checkout" solutions available on PDA!

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Sales forces

Rayonnance Technologies has developed business support tools for PDAs & Tablets which include all the necessary information for Sales representatives in the field.

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Audit, quality control & inquiries

Set up technical audits, quality controls and inquiries of your field agents, follow their activity in real time to trigger corrective actions in case of anomalies.

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Retail & back-office


Optimize the management of your poins of sales with Rayonnance Retail mobile solutions: improve the traceability of your products, increase client satisfaction, expedite the check-out process… these are all benefits offered by our retail solutions available for PDA and Tablet!

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Tech maintenance

Follow the service assignments of your tech maintenance field teams and assign them new tasks in real time!

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Site supervision

Follow your sites with current updates, in real time! Rayonnance Technologies’ site supervision solutions operate on rugged PDA and Tablet, enabling information transmission from sites equipped with mobile devices. Simplify the whole process!

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