Audit, control & inquiries


Set up technical audits, quality controls and inquiries of your field agents, follow their activity in real time to trigger corrective actions in case of anomalies.





Rayonnance Technologies’s audit and servicing solutions operate on smartphones, PDA & Tablet, enabling information feedback from sites equipped with mobile devices. Simplify the whole process and increase the traceability of your missions!





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Zebra-TC51 TC56-635x480

Zebra TC57


Honeywell CT50

Honeywell EAD51

Honeywell CT60

Samsung Tab Active 2 8’’

Samsung XCover 4 

Zebra ET55 





HARMONIE AUDITS of Rayonnance Technologies is an application platform for smartphones, PDAs and Tablets for the monitoring of field missions, particularly suitable for the quality control and auditing in the field (supervisors, auditors, experts, inspectors) of equipment fleets, surveys and polls.

These applications are based on the Harmonie platform of communication and synchronization (« Harmonie » modules: synchronization of data in a differential fashion, remote management of devices, remote application change capability…). This synchronization can be done in 3G / 4G, and via WiFi.

For each application, the ergonomics are specifically adapted to match your processes and paper reports, or applications already in place. You can also create questionnaires yourself to meet specific demands, standards or equipment.

These applications can connect directly to the company’s information system already in place, or be paired up with our Back Office Web management and activity monitoring: EVIDENCE.

EVIDENCE offers setting modules for the mobile application by site (defining of items to be checked during visits, alert thresholds, corrective actions, email notifications…) and activity monitoring (archiving visit reports, filtering and multi-criteria based sorting engine, data consolidation, bug tracking, Excel export, reporting…) and an extranet module for your clients!




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