Rayonnance Technologies has developed business support tools for PDAs & Tablets which include all the necessary information for Sales representatives in the field.






You can find all of these devices on our distribution site


Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Nokia Lumia 640 XL


Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8’’


Fujitsu Stylistic V535

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

Samsung A8

Zebra ET55 

Apple iPhone X 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

– Management of Client Files: Client’s contact information, log of recent visits, recent orders. Information which is found in the company’s IS.
– Management of product catalog: Product Descriptions, prices, possibility of thumbnail pictures
– Consultation of latest available stock
– Quote generation
– Order placements
– Transmission of information into the company’s IS

Investment Returns for our Sales force Clients:

  • Faster processing of orders thanks to real-time transmission
    Reassignment of positions in charge of inputing order data at the head office
    Improved client relations and profitability for each client:
    – best approach for meeting client needs thanks to the order history log
    – if the desired product is not in stock, the sales representative can try to guide the client towards another product
    – management of temporary sales items is more simplified
  • Real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of the distribution channel. Allows taking corrective action to be carried out swiftly. Possibility of remotely managing a real plan of action for a sales initiative from the head office





HARMONIE SALESFORCES by Rayonnance Technologies is an application base designed for the sales forces on the move. It enables Management of product catalogs, quote-issuing capabilities, and provides the log history of the client relationship.

The application is embedded on the mobile device. All operations can be carried out from the device without being connected, connection only required at the time of data synchronization. This system guarantees minimal communication costs and maximal user-friendliness.

These applications are based on Harmonie, the exclusive, technological platform by Rayonnance Technologies (« Harmonie » modules: synchronization of data in a differential fashion, remote management of devices, remote application change capability…). This synchronization can be done in 3G/4G, and via WiFi. For each application, the ergonomics are specifically adapted, and a connection to the company’s IS is developed (CRM, ERP, business software).

These applications can connect directly to the company’s Information System and allow for the preservation of existing Back Office applications.