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Delivery tracking in real time. Mobile tool for delivery personnel



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Honeywell CT60

Honeywell EDA51

The needs of the nomad

  • Optional: Management of loaded packages: the PDA reçeives the whole list of packages to be loaded. Scan of loaded packages and comparison to the theoretical report.
  • Retrieval of delivery and pick-up details to be carried out (nature of the service, address, package details…).
  • Input of completed services (delivery confirmed, error incidents, stock, package scan).
  • Electronic Signature of client
  • Optional: Payment Management (cash, check, debit cards with PDAs validated for EIG debit cards)
  • Delivery invoice sent to client by fax, email or print-out from a portable printer
  • Alert at any time in case of schedule changes
  • Optional: Navigational support

Productivity Gain
Daily support at work
Recognition of the company (high quality product)

The needs of the head office

  • Real time distribution of schedule changes to delivery personnel
  • Monitoring of their activity
  • Retrieval of real time information on deliveries and pick-ups in the IS
  • Digital signature to avoid scanning delivery invoices
  • Dissemination of any kind of information

Improved Management of deliveries
Reduction of Management and back office costs

The needs of the clients

  • Tracking of delivery status in real time: transmission of information input by delivery personnel available on-line

Increased Quality of Service




HARMONIE TRANSPORT by Rayonnance Technologies is an application base for smartphones, PDAs and Tablets for delivery tracking, designed for use by drivers-delivery personnel.

Rayonnance Technologies implements tracking applications operating on PDA Windows Mobile & Android, solving problems linked to information transmission on deliveries (receipt of delivery invoices by delivery personnel and confirmation of delivery completion).

Principle: Embedded applications operating in mixed connected/disconnected mode. Information is stored on the PDA in a database (a function that is important to the client/server), information can be consulted at any time, and is updated in on-line mode by synchronization. This synchronization can be done in 3G/4G, via Wifi or Ethernet (base).

These applications run on a mutual technical platform that is HARMONIE by Rayonnance. A large portion of the key technical modules of a mobility project, as such, has already been developed.

For each application, the ergonomics are specifically adapted and a connection to the IS of the shipping company is developed.




Shipping references




Social Data

As part of PDA projects, when clients wish to collect social data from the delivery vehicle, Rayonnance Technologies works in partnership with encasing manufacturers that connect to all market tachographs in order to build an all-inclusive "Delivery tracking/Social data/GPS" offer.
When this is the case, the PDAs are not communicating, and are connected via a serial cable to the fixed, central box of the vehicle that serves as a GPRS modem when the technician wishes to update information.






Rayonnance Technologies implements geolocation services for drivers/delivery personnel.

The geolocation of personnel can be achieved in the following ways:

– via PDA with GPS installed
(transmission sent every 5 minutes, precision of 50-100m)

– via GPS device
(up to tens of requests per day, precision of 20m)

2 consultation modes available:

– Rayonnance Technologies sets up a mapping tool available on line, and at any time, an authorized user can see where the searched technicians are located on the map.

Web technology, solution hosted by Rayonnance Technologies.

– Or on a Geographical Information System installed on the client’s device.