Site Supervision


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Rayonnance Technologies’ site supervision solutions operate on rugged PDA and Tablet, enabling remote information feedback from sites equipped with mobile devices.



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You can find all of these devices on our distribution site

Zebra TC57

Honeywell CT60

Zebra ET55




HARMONIE CHANTIERS (SITES) by Rayonnance Technologies is an application base for PDA and Tablet designed for:

  • Site Supervisors
    (Employee time-stamp logs, order management, error incident reporting with photos, receipt/return of equipment, document database...)
  • General foremen
    (Management and monitoring of stock, input of minutes of weekly site, feedback to providers regarding error incidents, document database...)

These applications are based on the Harmonie communication and synchronization platform (« Harmonie » modules: data synchronization in a differential fashion, remote management of devices, remote application change capability…). This synchronization can be done via 3G/4G, or Ethernet during visits to the agency.

For each application, specific ergonomics are developed, as well as a connection to the company’s IS (ERP, business software).

These applications connect directly to the company’s Information System and allows for the preservation of existing Back Office applications. Rayonnance can also develop, if necessary, the Rayonnance Web Back Office solution for managing and monitoring sites (settings and assignment of sites, monitoring the overall progress of the site and by batch/task, consultation of data reported by the mobile devices, management of document database…)


Examples of Site Supervision References