Tech Maintenance


Follow the service assignments of your tech maintenance field teams and assign them new tasks in real time!



The Tech Maintenance solutions from Rayonnance Technologies, which operate on smartphones, PDAs and Tablets, enable information transmission on sites in a mobile situation.
Simplify the whole process!



You can find all of these devices on our distribution site

Zebra-TC51 TC56-635x480

Zebra TC57


Honeywell CT50

Honeywell EAD51

Honeywell CT60

Samsung Tab Active 2 8’’

Samsung XCover 4 

Zebra ET55 

Mobile work force needs:

  • Recovery of tech maintenance specs (nature of the mission, address of tech maintenance appointment…).
  • History of prior tech maintenance appointments and client file (installation of the client …).
  • Optional: technical plans needed to carry out tech maintenance.
  • Input of the tech maintenance report (actions carried out, replacement parts, ranges of maintenance …).
  • Optional: Management of in-vehicule stock of IT engineer (optional: barcode scanner).
  • Optional: Quote and invoice generation capability.
  • Optional: Payment mangagment (cash, check, debit cards with PDAs validated for EIG Debit cards).
  • Electronic Client Signature.
  • Alert at any time in case of schedule changes (emergency IT support visit, cancellation of scheduled tech maintenance appointment).
  • Navigational support.

Productivity Gain
Daily support at work
Recognition of the company (high quality product)

The needs of the head office

  • Real time distribution of assignment to Technicians
  • Monitoring of their activity
  • Recovery of maintenance reports in the IS
  • Transmission of any kind of information
  • Close management of spare part stock
  • Instantaneous client billing

Better management of Maintenance interventions
Reduction of back office management costs

The needs of the client

  • Monitoring of of tech maintenance status in real time: transmission of information entered by technicians onto a website

Increased quality of service





HARMONIE INTERVENTIONS by Rayonnance Technologies is an application base for smartphones, PDAs and Tablets enabling the monitoring of field missions of maintenance technicians.

The application is embedded on the mobile device. All operations can be performed on the device without being connected, the connection is only required for data synchronization. This ensures minimal communication costs and optimal user-friendliness.

These applications are based on the Harmonie communication and synchronization platform (« Harmonie » modules: synchronization of data in a differential fashion, remote management of devices, remote application change capability…). This synchronization can be done in 3G/4G, and via WiFi.

For each application, specific ergonomics are developed as well as a connection to the company’s IS (CMMS, ERP, business software).

These applications can connect directly to the company’s Information System and allows for the preservation of existing Back Office applications. Rayonnance can also implement the Florence Back Office solution if necessary, for the monitoring of Tech Support assignments.




Examples of Tech Maintenance References





Geolocation (Geographical Positioning)


Rayonnance Technologies implements geolocation services for its drivers/delivery personnel.

The geolocation of personnel can be done in the following ways:

– via PDA with GPS installed
(transmission sent every 5 minutes, precision of 50-100m)

– via GPS device
(tens of requests per day, precision of 20m)

2 consultation modes available:

– Rayonnance Technologies has set up a mapping tool available on line, and at any time, an authorized user can see where technicians are located on the map.

Web technology, solution hosted by Rayonnance Technologies.

– Or on a Geographical Information System installed on the client’s device