A leading French expert in the implementation of business applications on Smartphones, industrial PDAs and Tablets, operating since the advent of mobile data technologies in 2000.



Rayonnance Technologies intervenes in the following 3 key areas within the context of mobility project development:

  • Development of custom-designed mobile applications for mobile devices (PDA Windows Mobile, Smartphones Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 Tablet, Smartphone and Android Tablet, iPhone and iPad)
  • Connection to the Client’s IS (ERP like SAP, Oracle Application, Sage, Lawson, JD Edwards, AS400, CMMS, CRM, specifically developped software) through interface development in partnership with the client’s integrator or IT department (exchange of flat files or XML, WebServices calls, stored procedures, call to API, writing / reading of database...)
  • Implementation of the communication middleware platform "Harmonie":
    - data synchronization (database and files)
    - remote management of mobile fleets (Mobile Device Management – MDM)
    - rollout of new versions (Patch)

Rayonnance Technologies stands out for its 7 high levels of expertise:

1. The OS platforms
Rayonnance Technologies has been continuously servicing Microsoft Mobile OS since 2000 (Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE, Windows 7 and 8). Indeed, until 2010, Microsoft had 90% of market share in Europe on mobile business applications (figure from Gartner).

Since 2011, Rayonnance Technologies has been developing tailored business applications, particularly for the white collar sector:

On iOS
(iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) mainly in Retail or for sales agents, especially in terms of mobility payment solutions (worldwide project for Nespresso mobile checkout on iPod Touch in the process of being rolled out)

On Android
(smartphone and tablet) with a strong marketing and technology partnership with Samsung (numerous projects on Galaxy A and S smartphones, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note), and with Motorola relating to rugged smartphones.

In this way, Rayonnance Technologies can advise you on which type of device to use in function of your application and the number of people to outfit.

2. The devices

Rayonnance Technologies has partnered, via charter, with almost all mobile device manufacturers (smartphones, PDAs and tablets).

  • Manufacturers of industrial PDAs: Zebra (ex Motorola Solutions, ex Symbol, ex Psion), Honeywell (ex Intermec), Rayonnance has at least one project of over 1,500 PDAs rolled out with each of these manufacturers.
    Rayonnance was named the Best European Partner of the Year by Zebra Motorola in 2011 and 2013.
    Rayonnance was awarded Best French Partner of the Year in the application level by Motorola in 2012. Rayonnance is First Solution Motorola Partner
    (highest level of partnership).
  • Manufacturers of EIG devices validated for Bank Cards enabling payment via Credit/Debit Card: Ingenico (iPod Touch + iSMP, tablet or smartphone + iSMP Companion or TPE iWL), Rayonnance was one of the first integrators to roll out solutions of EIG PDAs validated for bank cards on European projects (sales locations and B2C delivery). A few examples: Nespresso, Maximo, iDTGV, Veolia Transport
  • For Tablet manufacturers:
    – Rugged Tablets: Motion Computing, Panasonic, Motorola, Logic Instrument, Getac
    – Consumer Tablets: Samsung, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo
  • For smartphone manufacturers: Samsung, Nokia
  • Hardware accessories: Baracoda (Bluetooth barcode scanners), Zebra (portable thermal printers or Bluetooth labels)

We can advise you on the best equipment to choose according to your business issues and your technology needs.
You can find the devices we integrate on the Rayonnance Distribution website:


3. The networks

GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, Wifi (norm 802.11), Socle (USB or Ethernet Docking stations). Rayonnance Technologies specializes in synchronizing applications by various possible transmission methods (mobile IP mode) via the middleware platform Harmonie: light weight of information transferred, optimized transmission rate, guaranteed data consistency. We also have strong expertise in ensuring the secure transmission of information over a mobile data network.

Rayonnance Technologies has worked hand in hand with the 3 French mobile operators on the challenges of mobile data since mid-2000 (period of the first possible technical GPRS testing), and since 2004 on their evolution (EDGE, 3G, 4G).

4. Mobile Technologies

Development experts in .NET, Java and Objective C environments, the technical teams at Rayonnance bring together all the skills needed to achieve a successful mobile project by integrating all the constraints related to mobile devices.
5. Ergonomics

Rayonnance Technologies has ergonomists specialized in smartphones, PDAs and Tablet devices. We do our best to identify the standard processes for ordering, delivery, maintenance intervention, to then translate them in the best possible way onto device screens, which will be largely based on paper reporting in order to keep the number of clicks to fill in or consult information to a minimum. The ergonomics of the application is a crucial point in the acceptance of the tool by the mobile workforce of the company. These are, above all, change management projects.
6. Information Systems

Rayonnance Technologies has an expert knowledge of numerous databases and mobile network management software, making it easy to connect to the company’s IS. Most often we work with the company’s technical team or the usual integrator to establish a mutual file exchange format between our mobile application and your IS (flat files, XML files, Web Services support, stored procedures, SQL requests, special API…).
7. The Harmonie solution for Mobile Device Management

Rayonnance is the publisher of the Harmonie MDM solution which operates on the Windows, Android and iOS environments. It allows remote management (3G, Wifi, Ethernet) of all mobile network devices, and which business applications are installed on the device. The Harmonie server solution (Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server or Oracle) can be found on the cloud or installed in the client’s network.