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Optimize the management of your outlets with the Rayonnance retail mobile solutions



Improve the management of your in-store stock, increase productivity of your sales operations,
bring value-added information to your clients, accelerate the check-out process,
these are all benefits offered by our retail solutions for PDAs, Smartphones and Tablets!




You can find all of these devices on our distribution site

Zebra  TC52

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E 

Honeywell  CT40

Zebra ET50 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 



Apple iPhone X 

Zebra ZQ610





HARMONIE RETAIL by Rayonnance Technologies is an application platform for mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs and Tablets) to manage your sales area.

It is composed of 3 types of applications:

Management of your flow of goods to stores (Back Office mobility):
receptions, inventories, inter-store transfers, returns, price control, relabelling for sales, e-commerce order retrieval...

Management of reception and customer service (CRM, Front Office):
loyalty card reader, sales assistance via visualisation of master records, additional range, mixed sales (physical sales, Internet sales)...

Clic & Collect or Web2Store:
preparation of the client’s order, Management of in-store retrieval (pick-up locations feature)

Queue boosting and mobile payment using credit/debit card, integrated into the PDA
(mobile check-out)

Principle: embedded applications running in mixed connected/disconnected mode. The data is stored on the mobile device in a database. It can be consulted at any time and is updated in on-line mode via synchronization. This synchronization can be done via Wifi or Ethernet (base).

These applications are based on the middleware platform HARMONIE by Rayonnance. This platform enables access to a high level of expertise in mobile fleet Management: visibility into their health state with a device for configurable alerts, capable of sending commands via PDA, PDA assignment to a store…

For each application, specific ergonomics are developed, as well as a connection to the company’s IS (ERP, POS software, store software), thus preserving the existing back-office applications.





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