Video: Mobile store app for stock management and sales assistance

Botanic – your garden will reward you.

Lionel Serve, Director of the Botanic Information Systems:
“Botanic is a 21-year-old company managed by horticulturalist families. There are 65 stores in France and a staff of about 2,500. Botanic is, above all, an ambition: to be the go-to green garden centre in France. In order to become the customers’ favourite, there is of course the store concept, the products offered, but above all, there are the store teams who are there to greet the customer and carry out the sales consulting.
The two project objectives were firstly to aid in the company’s ambition by giving our sales consultants a new mobile app which allows them to respond to all customer queries. The second objective was to simplify the ”back-office” tasks, such as the labelling and anomalies identifying like stock shortage in order to have a ”zero faults” store and being totally focused on the customer relationship.”

François Jouanneault, Botanic Project Manager:
“To aid us in our mobility project, we have chosen Rayonnance for their expertise in the retail world, for their software package which fits very well within our Information System, for their extended network of hardware partners, but also for their ability to advise us on the implementation of our project.
What is useful with Rayonnance is that we can to advance with an “agile mode”. The project took place over various phases: the first stage consisted of the conception and development, in partnership with Rayonnance, the test stores and our Information Systems Department. The second stage consisted of testing and refining this solution. We then proceeded to deploying it throughout our stores in France. Today we have 435 Smartphones and 120 printers available for our staff.
In terms of equipment, we kept Microsoft Lumia due to its ease of use, and the fact that our users are familiar with the Windows world allowed us to train them more easily. We coupled this with mobile Zebra printers.”

“The initial objectives were met through the co-construction and the collaborative method used in this project by the 3 Botanic store teams, the Botanic Information Systems Department and of course the Rayonnance teams.
These objectives were even surpassed, since the number of features implemented was higher than what we had anticipated, which reinforced the uptake and positive reception of this mobile app by the store teams.”

Mélanie Puravet, Botanic Sales Advisor in Mâcon:
“We were one of the test stores. We were able to test out the new features. We were also able to put forth our perspectives in order to refine the version for deployment. We only needed half a day of training to get used to the tool – that’s how simple it is to use. We benefit from the new features, such as the direct online quote estimations with customers, on a daily basis. We can also check the status of products, look at stocks and see what we have in the other stores without logging in every time. We can also print the labels directly while shelving, which allows us to avoid the to-ing and fro-ing to the stocks so that we can remain more available for the customer.”

“Rayonnance proved to be responsive and available throughout the project. Their retail experience helped us to make good decisions, as much in the technical aspects as in the ergonomic ones. These first steps have opened up a variety of approaches for us today, such as initiatives surrounding customer loyalty and omnichanneling. At the same time, we are also continuing to migrate back-office tasks and features such as orders, receptions and inventories which will allow a more enhanced availability for our customers.”