Caregivers tour tracking

Home care workers go from patient to patient to provide care. Their priority: the patient. It is therefore essential to make the management of these rounds more fluid for both the caregiver and the health care manager.

Tour planning

  • Display of patients to be seen during the rounds
  • Details of care to be provided per patient
  • Record of care provided
  • Tracking of visits made by all patients
  • Receive notifications (changes in rounds, etc. …)


  • Optimization of the tour according to the visits to be made
  • Geolocation in real time
  • GPS
  • Declaration of the caregiver’s mileage data

Visualization of the workforce

  • Visualization of available staff
  • Patient assignment by caregiver
  • Management of delays

Validation by a health executive

  • Visualization of the rounds performed by caregiver
  • Consistency check
  • Validation by the health executive