Creation of Back Office mobile apps

The daily life of the salesperson is made up of multiple tasks: receiving packages, managing an OP comm by locating or/and relabeling products, taking an inventory. The perfect execution of these tasks is key for the store because it is the source of stock reliability.

The ergonomics of the solution and the material as well as the relevance of the business and management rules are the keys to performance and productivity.


  • Storage of expected shipping files
  • Scan BL / Scan packages / Scan articles
  • Reservations on the reception
  • Consistency check
  • Synthesis
  • Re-labeling of articles at reception


  • At the initiative of the store or pushed by the head office
  • Choice of transfer type (store, unsaleable, end of season…)
  • Scan of the CAB of the transferred items
  • If unsaleable, reason for scrapping


  • Movements within the store
  • Warehouse divided into zones
  • Storage of a product in a zone
  • Possibility to transfer a product from one zone to another

Rotating inventory

  • At the initiative of the store or pushed by the head office
  • Choice of inventory area or product type
  • Scanning of articles and quantity entry

General inventory

  • Rayonnance’s Census solution
  • Creation of zones in the store and creation of inventorists
  • Assignment of zones by inventorist
  • Recovery of tasks on PDA and scanning or counting of articles
  • Web back office for real time inventory follow-up
  • Comparison with the theoretical
  • Arbitration


  • Scan article
  • Display of the new price or the colored sticker
  • Display of markdown label if net price is printed


  • Article scanning and display of the price and the label
  • Automatic labelling on mobile or fixed printer if product in OP Com
  • Possibility of manually relabeling products

Picking omnicanal

  •   Omnichannel order picking:
    • Click & Collect
    • Ship From Store
    • E-Resa
  • Consistency check
  • Return to WHO of the different preparation statuses
  • Management of the shipment (transport label in Ship From Store) or of the recovery by the customer (signature in Click & Collect)