Technical solution

Rayonnance offers the best software and hardware solutions are technically reliable, available and efficient to meet your business needs. We implement the latest proven and adapted technologies to limit any risk of loss or degradation of your technical investments.

Our solutions take into account not only the cost of acquisition but also the cost of operation and maintenance to provide a rapid and sustainable return on investment.

Our belief

We help our customers navigate with confidence through the vast ocean of technologies. We believe that technology should be at the service of the customer and should meet their needs now and in the future. We believe that the best technology is the one that makes itself most transparent and never gets in the way of the user experience. In this sense, we place great importance on the way we create user experience and architect our solutions. We free you from technical questions and help you focus on the business innovation specific to your company.

Our architectures and solutions must meet the criteria of “The PROMISE “

  • Longevity: guarantees that the components used and the techniques deployed will be available for a long time and not subject to programmed obsolescence.
  • Performance: meets the expected operational load (including peaks of activity) within the expected response times to preserve productivity.
  • Robustness: always works according to business expectations and always responds in a consistent manner.
  • Observability: provides monitoring information and performance metrics and auditing capabilities to simplify solution administration and reduce operation costs.
  • Maintainability: makes daily management easier by automating regular tasks and reducing manual operations.
  • Scalability: guarantees the ability to evolve the solution over time and adapt to new environmental and technological standards.
  • Security: preserves the security of data and infrastructure by opting for safe and proven technologies.
  • Availability: works all the time during the company’s activity periods and continues to work in the event of an external problem according to the customer’s expectations.
  • Interoperability: allows different systems to communicate with our solutions and exchange and share data.

Harmonie, our middleware platform.

Harmonie is the software platform common to all our applications. It connects to your information systems in order to aggregate all the necessary information to offer your mobile employees an integrated solution with all the data they need to carry out their activities.

default illustration mobile
Toutes les briques de votre système d’information qui doivent être consultées et renseignées dans le cadre de votre projet
default illustration mobile
Toutes les solutions Cloud avec lesquelles vous travaillez
default illustration mobile
Les clients de vos clients, quand ils doivent pouvoir être informés ou mis en relation avec vos équipes
default illustration mobile
Notre plateforme middleware, l’intermédiaire intelligent entre vos SI et vos utilisateurs nomades
default illustration mobile
Les applications utilisées en mobilité par vos équipes pour digitaliser leur tâches quotidiennes
default illustration mobile
Vos outils de Back Office pour piloter l’activité de vos équipes
default illustration mobile

A middleware that meets the technical needs of digital projects

Through the modules of our Harmonie middleware, we try to meet the recurring needs of mobile projects and allow our customers to benefit from our extensive and solid experience in this field. The package of mobile and server software that we make available to all our customers with a simple and transparent licensing system will accelerate the development and implementation of the mobile solution and ensure the sustainability of the technical solution at lower cost.


This software suite includes the functions shown in the diagram below:

default illustration mobile
Gestion des synchronisations de données différentielles, de fichiers ou documents. Il permet également de sécuriser les données synchronisées et d’en assurer la disponibilité
Optimisation du traitement de chaque commande selon des règles paramétrables
Gestion des terminaux à distance (gestion, supervision, mise à jour) ainsi que le déploiement de nouvelles versions d’application
Administration des profils utilisateurs et droits associés que ce soit pour l’application mobile ou le Back Office Web de suivi d’activité
Option de verrouillage de l’utilisation d’un terminal mobile via restriction aux applications métiers ou tierces autorisées afin d’éviter toute erreur de manipulation ou usage abusif
Accès aux informations sur l’état d’un terminal : numéro de série, niveau de mémoire ou de batterie, …
Echange de messages entre l’application mobile et le Back Office Web
Module permettant la gestion d’une base de documentaires et la synchronisation d’une hiérarchie de documents dématérialisés, le tout étant managé depuis une interface Web.
Création et de mise à jour de formulaires utilisable directement par les clients permettant de répondre à la mise à jour fréquente de nombreux rapports dans une application mobile
Appairage Bluetooth automatisé entre un PDA et une imprimante très utile pour solutionner rapidement les déconnexions intempestives ou réaliser un nouveau couplage terminal mobile / Imprimante
Prise en main à distance d’un terminal mobile, opérationnel en Wifi, Ethernet et 4G
Gestion autonome de nos clients dans la traduction des menus et labels de la solution, ainsi que l’ajout de nouvelles langues
Our development language

If the choice is for a Windows platform, the application is developed in .NET technology in the C# language with Visual Studio, if the choice is for an Android or iOS platform, the application is developed in Xamarin multi-platform technology developed by Microsoft, which still benefits from the C# language with Visual Studio. In these particular cases, development is done in the native language of the platform, for example Kotlin and Swift on Android and iOS respectively.

Xamarin is a multi-OS development environment that we use for Android and iOS projects. It allows us to combine most of the application code for all OS (data storage and persistence, business logic and exchanges between systems in particular), and then to specifically adapt the ergonomics, interactivity and user experience of the application for each target OS according to the standards established by the platform.

The talent of our teams at the center of our projects

Our team is composed of multidisciplinary talents who put the interest and the need of the customer at the center of everything:

  • Developers specialized in mobile or server environments
  • Technical or business project managers who understand not only the technical issues but also the business issues of our customers
  • Experts and architects who excel in their field of expertise and who support the project team
  • Test and support technicians who are involved throughout the project to meet the customer’s need for quality and tracking.

We ensure that the team is regularly trained and adapts to the growing needs of our customers. Our partnerships with technology providers and hardware manufacturers such as Microsoft, Google, Zebra, Honeywell, Samsung … allow us to obtain appropriate certifications and to advance our team in understanding these various environments