Creation of Front Office mobile apps

Omnichannel by essence, the in-store experience must be both fluid and enriched. Thanks to Rayonnance’s mobile solutions and its omnichannel platform, the salesperson is “augmented”: able to offer 100% of the stock, to personalize the relationship, to cash in anywhere on the surface and even to establish a link with the customer outside the store walls

Product sheet

  • Catalog & Product sheet
  • Technical specifications
  • Product photos
  • 360° stock
  • Price and discount
  • List of complementary and replacement products (cross-sell and up-sell)


  • Creation and modification of customer files
  • Access to commercial offers
  • Collection of RGPD compliant opt-in
  • Access to purchase history and wishlist

Customer care

  • Access to customer profile (average cart, reference store, shopping preferences, …)
  • Customer type (mag only, omnichannel customer, …)
  • Product recommendation (look-alike, complementary product, …)
  • Discussion history (email, WhatsApp, …)
  • Customer list creation
  • Dashboard to animate the customer portfolio of the store or the salesperson

Order in store

  • 360° stock control (100% access to stock points)
  • 360° stock ordering
  • Query of a promotion engine
  • Loyalty program
  • Request for delivery in store or at the customer’s premises

Mobile cash register

  • Query loyalty offers and the marketing action engine
  • Creation of a basket with products from the store or a mixed basket (with order in store)
  • Payment on TPE (Axis, ingenico, adyen, repting)
  • Demat or printed ticket
  • Option : tipping of the basket on cashier (queue boosting)
  • Option: connection to tax-free application and OCR passport scan