Customer Success

A digitalization project is a HUMAN PROJECT: it is the men and women of your company who will use it on a daily basis and will be the actors of the success of your project.

This is why, beyond the technical quality of the solution, Rayonnance supports you upstream to structure and frame the project and downstream to ensure full use of the tool.

Our Rayonnance consulting team, made up of retail experts who have worked for many years in different companies, is there to support you throughout the project and regularly assists our clients’ management committees in defining their digital strategy.

Strategic framing

Immerse yourself in your company’s challenges and take stock of the situation and your needs in order to co-create, structure and prioritize the project that will be the most ROI for your company. This step is carried out by your teams in several stages in order to have the right level of view and to be in full capacity:

  • Acculturation of the teams
  • Physical or virtual store tour
  • Benchmark of the competition and presentation of existing solutions
  • Vision of the project, stakes and quantified objectives
  • Impact study of the project on other services
  • Project layout and tentative roadmap

Book of requirements

Write the requirements of your application or digital solution in order to be able to compare these needs internally and externally

  • Analysis of the needs of the field and of the supporting professions
  • Construction of target customer paths
  • Co-construction of typical screens and cinematics
  • Writing of the requirements specifications

Change management

Change Management is the approach that prepares, equips and supports individuals, teams and organizations in the realization of change. Rayonnance works with you to support change in the following areas

  • Meaning: Acculturate teams and give them the meaning of the project in a global context
  • Communication: Identifying when and how to talk about the project
  • Project preparation: Determine the team, the stores, the impacts, the kpi, the reporting, the governance…
  • Training: Structure the training and the training materials
  • Field tests: build the pilot, structure and implement the analysis system
  • Deployment plan: build the deployment and training plan
  • Follow-up of the deployment and ensure the success of the project at the business level (especially at the KPI level)