Warehouse app

Logistics is going through a period of profound transformation and is becoming the nerve center of business performance in many fields.

Logisticians need digital solutions that will make their daily tasks easier and tools to manage and optimize their activities

Receiving and shipping

  • Copy of receipt or shipment
  • Receipt by pallet, carton or item
  • Bipage by scan or input of the CAB
  • Detection of discrepancies and control messages configurable in the BO
  • Validation of the reception or the expedition

Storage and control

  • Location indication
  • Geolocation
  • Consistency check

Stock movement and packing

  • Listing of packages to be prepared.
  • Detail of the packages by article
  • Consistency check between to be prepared and prepared
  • Transfer of the articles to the chosen place (status, place, …)


  • At the initiative of the warehouse or pushed by the head office
  • Creation of zones in the warehouse and creation of inventors
  • Choice of inventory zone or product
  • Recovery of tasks on the PSA and article scanning
  • Matching with the theoretical one
  • Arbitration
  • Real time follow-up of inventories in the BO

Order preparation

  • Receipt of the listing of items to be prepared
  • Scanning of items and confirmation
  • Choice of destination

Back office for activity tracking

  • Real-time monitoring of your on-site operations and delivery routes
  • Logistic processes handled via a configurable event manager on the back office
  • Parameterization of alert and notification rules
  • Analysis and monitoring of indicators (punctuality, incidents, packaging, etc.)