Patient monitoring

For patient follow-up and compliance, the digital tool is a powerful ally

Patient files

  • Scanning of an NFC tag on arrival at the patient’s home
  • Display of patient history (prescriptions, wounds, etc.)
  • Access to contact information of the patient and his entourage (email, phone, …)
  • Addition of relevant information about the patient
  • Scanning of prescriptions to the pharmacy
fiche patient

Treatment and wound monitoring

  • Enter a new treatment
  • Declaration of a new wound
  • Follow-up of the evolution of a wound after each treatment
  • Integration of photos to facilitate follow-up
gestion des alertes

Medication tracking

  • Display of the theoretical stock of medication
  • Entry of the quantities available.
  • Consistency check and validation of discrepancies
pointage des medicaments

Management of hazardous wastes

  • Request for empty containers to be deposited with the patient
  • Request for removal of full containers
  • Declaration of days when the patient can open his/her door
gestion des dechets dangereux