Monitoring of site managers

Site managers have many positions to manage and there are many control points. In addition, they often have several projects in parallel. The speed to find the site information and the progress of the topics related to each service provider is key in the performance of the site manager

Time entry and time scoring

  • Scoring
  • Score validation by user profile
  • Management of team security passports with reminder of deadlines for renewal
  • Entry of hours per work (depending on the layout of the site, with entry of driving hours, overtime, packed lunches, etc.)

Site visit

  • Input of site visits
  • History of previous visits
  • Taking photos with annotation and comments
  • “Talk” module to record remarks and work points during the day
  • Information linked by site and reported in the back office
  • Internal and external stakeholders can be added and must sign in the application for validation

Ordering and return of equipment

  • Ordering hardware with associated cost
  • Price made available by equipment
  • Material return management with quantity control
  • Management of inventories

Documentary base

Access to the various documents required:

  • Site documents
  • Best Practice Sheets
  • Training materials
  • Data sheets