Management of omnichannel flows

As digital has shaken up customer habits and needs, omnichannel journeys are the expected norm. Buying a product on the web or in-store, no matter where it is, must be a seamless experience. The customer or the salesperson must have access to 360 stock information in real time and be able to manage the order in a few clicks for delivery to the desired location.

Order in store

  • 360° stock control (100% access to stock points)
  • 360° stock ordering
  • Query of a promotion engine
  • Loyalty program
  • Request for delivery in store or at the customer’s premises


  • Request for reservation of the article online by the customer in the desired store
  • Request for the preparation of the article
  • Confirmation of the presence of the article to the customer who reserved it
  • Delivery of the article to the customer in the store

Click & Collect

  • Order made online
  • Product prepared in the warehouse and delivered to the store
  • The salesperson receives on his PDA the packages to be received
  • He scans the packages and confirms receipt
  • He manages the delivery of the products on his PDA (digital signature)

Click & Collect express

  • Order made online
  • Product prepared in store and delivered in store
  • The salesperson receives the products to be prepared on his PDA
  • He scans the products with consistency check and confirms their presence
  • He makes the package for the customer
  • He manages the delivery of the products on his PDA (digital signature)

Ship from store

  • 360° stock control (access to 100% of stock points)
  • Choice of picking location (store or warehouse)
  • Order preparation request (picking, packing) in store or in warehouse
  • Request for carrier picking in the warehouse

Order Orchestration / Unified Inventory

  • Real-time information on all stock points
  • Store eligibility rules
  • Order orchestration rules
  • Web-based back office for rule settings and activity monitoring

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