Mobile application for inventory management
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Camaïeu is a leading international brand in women’s ready-to-wear with a network of 1,000 stores in 18 countries. Stores designed as real spaces dedicated to femininity. Rayonnance customer since 2011.




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omnichannel pathways


Honeywell CT40 PDA
and Zebra QLn220 printer
Plus Bluetooth


2300 salespeople in stores


687 stores in France,
Poland, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia,
Spain, Czech Republic,
Romania, Luxembourg

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Rayonnance Customer since 2011

Benefits generated by the application


icon-mission Missions

Equipment by Rayonnance of 2,300 PDAs for the daily management of the store. Development of a mobile PDA application for sales area management connected to a centrally managed Camaïeu IS.

icon-objectif Objectives

To place the “sales” core business at the center of the store activity and to minimize staff time on so-called non-sales management operations.


icon-desc Software solution

Functionalities of the PDA application for the daily management of stores:

  1. Receiving
    • Management of the reception of parcels from the central stock
    • Detailed scanning possible, reception summary
    • Entry of anomalies (opened or damaged parcels)
    • Update of the store’s stock
  2. transfer, return and unsaleable to constitute packages and manage them from the sales areas
    • Inter-store transfers managed at the initiative of the sales areas
    • Return of stock
    • Invendables validated by area managers
  3. Own-initiative inventory
    • Punctual inventories of all or part of the store with update of the stock in the central office
  4. Commercial operations and labeling
    • Autonomous management of in-store labeling
    • Synchronization of a file of 40,000 items on 3,000 PDAs in less than an hour
    • Labels printed automatically from the PDA
    • History of “promotions” on labels
    • Marketing application to generate labels according to targeted operations (1st and 2nd promo) and countries (language, currency)
  5. Search: consultation of article references
    • Consultation of complete article card on PDA
    • Consultation of commercial operations
    • Viewing and printing of labels

Functionalities of the PDA Front Office application for customer support:

  1. Customer identification
  2. Access to the product catalog
  3. Consultation of stocks (store, web, stores around)
  4. Generation of shopping cart
  5. Promotion engine
  6. Payment: mobile payment on iSMP4
icon-techno Technologies
  • Development of the custom PDA application in .Net with Rayonnance components
  • Installation of a middleware Harmonie of Rayonnance Technologies in the central office
  • Implementation of the Camaïeu IS connection
icon-mobile Hardware solution

Camaïeu chose Honeywell’s CT40 and RAYONNANCE’s installation and maintenance management solutions. The result is a functional park and users who benefit from a swap system of their devices in 24 hours in case of failure.

Benefits generated by the application

  • Time savings on non-commercial management operations
  • Faster processing of labeling
  • Flexibility and reactivity for the implementation of commercial operations
  • Simplified and increased sales