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Mobile application for delivery tracking, collection and inventory

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France Boissons (Heineken Group) is the French leader in beverage distribution and out-of-home services.

France Boissons has a unique network allowing a great proximity with its 60 000 customers. Beverage distributor, of course, but not only! France Boissons is also a service company that is there to “serve, animate and succeed” with its customers.


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Zebra TC56 rugged PDA and a portable printer ZEBRA ZQ520


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80 in France

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Benefits generated by the application


icon-mission Missions

Equipment by Rayonnance of 1,200 PDAs for drivers with a mobile PDA application for tracking deliveries and collecting collections connected to SAP, and a PDA application for inventory.

Approximately 1,200 Tours, 12,000 Deliveries, 100,000 Items

icon-objectif Objectives

– Invoicing: invoices are issued by the delivery person to the customer at the time of delivery.

– Collection and printing: updates of the day’s orders and collections, mentioning possible shortages.

– Inventory: the same tool is used by the controllers, upon return to the warehouse, to inventory the trucks

The process allows to automate the administrative treatments at the return of the tour

– Update of invoices in SAP, creation of credit notes

– Update of customer accounts and reconciliation of payments

– Update of stocks


icon-desc Software solution

Development of a mobile PDA application:

  1. Retrieval of deliveries to be made during the day with details (products to be delivered, invoices…)
  2. Entry of undelivered goods with the corresponding explanations.
  3. Entering of deposits and automatic calculation of the amounts
  4. Calculation of the net payable
  5. Entry of customer payments and indication of invoices to be reconciled for accounting purposes
  6. Visualization of unpaid invoices in progress
  7. Printing of preparation notes, receipts and invoices at the customer’s premises on a portable printer with thermal paper in Bluetooth
  8. Data entry of the truck inventory at the return by the warehouse manager and calculation of the differences on PDA between the inventory and the theoretical one (data entry of the delivery man)
  9. Update of orders in SAP: deliveries and credit notes

Accounting of payments and automatic reconciliation

  1. Adjustment of inventory entries (returns of goods and packaging)

In 2017, porting of the application to Android PDA

icon-techno Technologies

PDA side: Microsoft.Net (C#) in the Xamarin studio

Connection to SAP

Implementation of the middleware platform HARMONIE of Rayonnance Technologies in the AZURE Cloud:

-Management of the differential synchronization of data between the mobile application and SAP

(Totem application of France Boissons)

-Asset management (Harmonie gestion)

-Deployment of new version

icon-mobile Hardware solution

France Boissons chose a Zebra TC56 rugged PDA and a ZEBRA ZQ520 portable printer

Benefits generated by the application

– Quality and reliability of the documents left with the customer at the end of the deliveries

– Optimization of internal processes: administrative gains

– Quality of controls

– Reinforcement of the professionalism of the delivery teams and sharing with newcomers

– Creation of an internal dynamic within the distribution teams and with the other actors of the company to improve the considering of the customers’ expectations, and the development of the services expected from France Boissons