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Application of management of the follow-up of the rounds


TC57 MC33

Specialist of the deliveries for the professionals of the restoration in Ile de France


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Warehouses in France


Dematerialization of

the monitoring of rounds


Zebra TC57


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3 warehouses in France

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Benefits generated by the application


icon-mission Mission

To make a mobile app to follow the rounds, to follow the loading of the truck, the deliveries of the customers but also the control of the supports of pallet for example.

Also, the realization of a website to follow up the tours for the logistic team

icon-objectif Objectives

Improve the follow-up of deliveries, know the quantities and where they are, follow up on products that are damaged and manage the traceability of products.


icon-desc Software solution

Functionality of the PDA application for the management of the rounds:

  • Truck loading (Scanning of the pallets to be loaded in the truck, Counting of the pallet supports, validation of the manager)
  • Customer delivery (Route reorganization, GPS navigation with Copilot, pallet unloading, pallet or product refusal management, goods return management, pallet support counting, customer signature, driver survey)
  • Return to dock control: Back Office module (Management of delivered pallets, Management of returned or refused products, Management of returned supports)

Functionality of the logistic web site:

Follow-up of the rounds in progress and completed, visualization of the rounds on the map, detail of each delivery delivered and not delivered, visualization of the anomalies (photos and comments) Verification of the customers signatures, counting of the supports. Fleet management (position of vehicles), management of driver surveys.

icon-techno Technologies
  • Development of the custom PDA app in .Net with Rayonnance components
  • Installation of a middleware Harmonie of Rayonnance Technologies in the central office
  • Implementation of the Green Circle IS connection via REST Web Services


icon-mobile Hardware solution

Green Circle has chosen Zebra TC57 PDAs

Benefits generated by the application

Productivity gains

Real-time tracking and time savings, dock and load status.