Mobile application for stock management, mobile cash register and fixed cash register



Orange is a French telecommunications company. It sells electronic devices and offers a telecommunication service through its network.




Identical ergonomics for the mobile

application and the fixed cash register



omnichannel pathways


PDA IOS and Ingenico
ISMP3 & ISMP companion


1500 Salespeople


340 stores in France

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Benefits generated by the application


icon-mission Missions

The mission was to develop several front office applications, one to be able to pay everywhere (Dstar project) and another fixed cash register application. In the back office, it was necessary to deploy an application for receiving and inventory.

icon-objectif Objectives
  1. To allow the collection of cash everywhere on the surface
  2. Improve inventory management and receiving.


icon-desc Software solution

Front office:

  • Vendor identification via fixed cashier id
  • Clienteling
  • Access to the product catalog
  • Real time stock consultation
  • Generation of a basket associated with a customer file
  • Implementation of a promotion engine
  • Payment, generation of receipt and sending by email

Back office:

  • Reception of parcels
  • Inventory management

Functions of the cash register

  • Sales (customer identification, cart creation, payment, …)
  • Sales returns (cancellation / refund & printing of documents)
  • Cash drawer (change insertion, counting, movements and end of day closing)
  • Link to the Orange Back-Office
  • Manual opening of the cash drawer (button always visible whatever the screen)
  • Customer information (for creation / search / modification of the customer file, association of a customer to a basket)
  • Contexts (recovery of baskets for subscriptions made in another business system)
  • Article search (on the labels) or manual EAN entry
  • Abandonment / putting on hold of the basket
  • Receipt / deposit (with invoice generation)
  • Managerial validation (price correction, commercial gesture, VAT change, …)
  • Multi-payment management
  • Manual search for a sale or scan of a receipt (with display of product details)
  • Cancellation of the sale (if made during the day)
  • Refund (partial or total) with choice of refund method (credit note, cash, bank transfer)
  • Printing of documents (invoice / tickets / gift tickets) and duplicates
  • Inserting change (using a coin acceptor or declaring a global amount)
  • Balance consultation
  • Counting during the day (partial or total) with choice of refund method (credit note, cash, transfer)
  • Deposit in the safe (invoice / tickets / gift vouchers)
  • End of day closing
icon-techno Technologies

Connected to IS software: ERP Torex (Orange custom).

icon-mobile Hardware solution

Orange chose iPhone 6 & Ingenico iSMP3 and Ipad mini + iSMP Companion from 340 stores.

Benefits generated by the application

  • Productivity gains
  • Increase in turnover
  • Reliability of inventory
  • Easier and more reliable collection